3D Printing TSA Travel Sentry Master Keys

In this video we will show you how to 3d print TSA Travel Sentry luggage Master Keys Leaked from Washington Post. Thanks for the view. Wired! (My Source) http://goo.gl/S6IchH Washington Post(picture has been taken down)...

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3D Printed Batman Batarang!!

Hi, This is a 3D printed batman batarang!! This awesome print opens up and functions like a real batarang, using magnets to hold in the open position. hope you enjoyed and thanks for...

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Using full desktop GPU on my laptop D630

  This is one of my older projects back in 2012, when i needed to improve the speed of my gpu on D630. This was a test of concept and it proves to work. Let me explain what i did.  i purchased a mini pcie to pcie adapter...

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