right before I headed for my trip to Italy, i realized that i am packing a lot of things just for my ecig and i needed something small and versatile. I use a mech mod for my everyday and with that i would need to carry extra batteries and charger. after scouring the net only to find that the box mods are still so large and anything i wanted small that would fit a 18650 battery is well over $100, i decided to make my own. I compacted everything into 1 small 80x45x25 box, simular size to a coupler mini.

Please be kind. this is my first thing i ever designed and printed, i am very proud of this item and i know it still needs some fine tuning.

update 3/21:
wired up the box mod. everything fit as i wanted. i uploaded more pictures of the wired box.

this is a single 18650 box mod unregulated with a tp4056 lipo charger module.

45mm x 80mm x 25mm

components used:
1x IRLB3034 (mosfet)
1x 15k resistor
2x battery pins
1x momentary switch
1x tp4056 5v 1a lithium batt charger
1x 510 spring loaded 22m connector

P.S.: i have recently joined the forum http://vapingunderground.com/ and this is my thread

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