Installing Mac OS on PC

Finally installed mac os yosemite on my pc AMD! come check out the video

started a vlogging / game channel!

come check out my new channel. it’s mostly vlogging and games i play with other people

Ubuntu Bash for Windows 10 dbus error fix


so if you are getting a dbus (failed to connect to the D-BUS- session bus: did not receive a reply) error while running a few gui applications on ubuntu bash for windows there is a fix fore this, your mileage may vary for some gui app just will not work!

Lets edit the file /etc/dbus-1/sessions.conf

sudo nano /etc/dbus-1/sessions.conf


and replace the line




this way it will redirect your dbus to your xming server on tcp port 0




Native Ubuntu on Windows 10


Very Excited! Microsoft has introduced Ubuntu linux on windows 10 natively. SO.. this is a quick how to on getting ubuntu setup! thank for the view


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Lattepanda windows 10 arduino built in

This is a quick review on the lattepanda sbc board with arduino built in.

USB 3.0 GIGABYTE transfer speeds *requested


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