WOOO this is a good one!, hacking with raspberry pi zero! We are going to convert our raspberry pi zero to a USB attack platform capable of running tools poison tap, bash bunny, and rubber ducky.

Equipment List

raspberry pi zero (w) ► amazon | ebay

Software List

Rraspbian Jessie lite ► https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian/

mame82 P4wnP1 github ► https://github.com/mame82/P4wnP1/


If you are starting with a fresh install of Raspbian Jessie lite, i would run through all the setup before continuing. Now I ran throught this entire setup using the onboard wifi. (avoid using wireless keyboard/mouse which can interfere with wifi signals) so to setup the wifi i will be using a tool called “wpa_cli” to create my wpa supplicant config files.

$ sudo wpa_cli

if you not familure with this tool you can always type “help” otherwise just follow the next few commands

$ add_network
$ set_network 0 ssid "wireless name"
$ set_network 0 psk "password"
$ enable_network 0
$ save_config

give it a few mins and it should obtain your IP address on your network which you can test by pinging

$ ping www.google.com

now that wifi is all setup we should go ahead and update the repositories

$ sudo apt-get update

followed by installing git so we can fetch the amazing tools

$ sudo apt-get install git

Alright!! Now it’s time to grab the tools

$ git clone --recursive https://github.com/mame82/P4wnP1/

once that is finished we need to head over to that directory and Install!!

$ cd P4wnP1
$ ./install.sh

Go grab a coffee and come back in 15 ~ 20 mins.

In this write up I’m going to jump right into it and enable the win10 lockpicker exploit but i would urge you to read the git hub on how to use more of the functions in this tool.

Everything needs to be setup or enabled via the “setup.cfg” file located in the P4wnP1 directory

$ nano setup.cfg

now comment out the network_only payload and uncomment the win10_lockpicker

save the file using key combo of “ctrl+x”

now you can plug the pi zero to the PC and see what happens. Check out the video for DEMO